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It is sometimes said that the operation of a Lodge in a Regiment is unwise and that serving Officers should not belong to, or visit such while in the Regiment, and that it slackens discipline.
Such arguments are in the main put forth by non-masons or those with little Masonic experience. It is difficult to find proof of their assertions and in these days the educated N.C.O. of the Sergeant’s Mess would never use his Freemasonry in the Regiment: more especially because he is briefed on all points before admission.

The sagacious Goethe said, “that the true reason why some people fear to go among those whom they may regard as their social inferiors, is the vague dread that if they should thus abandon the advantage of privilege, they might not be able to hold their own personal merit”.

Every student of Freemasonry will agree that the English speaking Craft is under a deep obligation to the British Military Lodges. They spread the knowledge of freemasonry in every quarter of the Globe and their pioneer work accomplished probably more by the Masonic soldier than by the Masonic Officer, is deserving of praise.

Freemasonry seems always to have had a great attraction for most military men, the rank and file as well as the officer class and a good Mason has always been a good soldier.

Bro. Field Marshall Lord Combermere who was well acquainted with Masonic military life once said “As a military man and speaking from experience, I can say that I have known many soldiers who were Masons, and never knew a good Mason who was a bad soldier.”




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