Welcome to the website of St Patrick’s Lodge No 295 of the Irish Constitution.

St Patrick’s Lodge is a Travelling Military Lodge which meets under a warrant issued by the Grand Lodge of Ireland and is warranted to The Royal Dragoon Guards who are a British Army Cavalry Regiment. The Lodge exists primarily for past and present members of the Regiment but applications from others to join are considered subject to the rules laid down by the Grand Lodge of Ireland.

St Patrick’s Lodge is without doubt a unique lodge as it is the only true Travelling Military Lodge remaining of over 600 previously issued to various regiments and corps by the 3 principle Grand Lodges. The Lodge warrant was issued in 1758 to the 1st(Irish) Horse and now by amalgamation of regiments belongs to the Royal Dragoon Guards which formed in August 1992. Wherever this regiment travels so does the Warrant of the Lodge as the authority required under the Grand Lodge of Ireland to hold meetings. St Patrick’s is also unusual in that it does not come under a district or provincial lodge, but comes directly under the Grand Lodge of Ireland itself.

It might at first seem strange that there might be an Irish Lodge directly connected with a British Army regiment. This reflects the history of our two countries and relates to where the Regiment was serving and what it was doing 252 years ago. More is explained in the “History” section of this website and in the link to the Royal Dragoon Guards website.

Details of the place and time of our meetings is shown elsewhere on the website. Minutes of meetings and other Lodge information will be posted in the members section.
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