Peter J. Hobbs
If at nine o'clock you listen when around the festive board
If you listen very carefully with your hearts tuned in accord
You'll hear when in the west and south you're charged in fullest measure
Some distant voices calling "Brother, may I have the pleasure"

For at nine o'clock we greet you - no matter where we stand
We may be merely out of town, or in some far off land
With melting hearts and brimful eyes we'll steal a moment's leisure
To call our distant greeting "Brother may I have the pleasure?"

For we are bound together by a great eternal link
To drink from that Masonic cup from which we all may drink
Accept, Masonic Brethren, whose fellowship we treasure
That old Masonic challenge "Brother, may I have the pleasures"

Added by
W.Bro. Bill Shorto

Brethren, shall we pause a while, and be of one accord
to note those who are missing from this, our festive board?
Shall we think of absent brethren, and take this drought of wine,
and hope that they do likewise, at the very stroke of nine?



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