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The Royal Dragoon Guards is the official website of the regiment in the British army to which St Patrick's Lodge no 295 IC is warranted as a travelling lodge. Presently based in M√ľnster, Germany

. The Royal Dragoon Guards Museum The Royal Dragoon Guards can trace its ancestry back to 1685, and was formed by the amalgamation of four of the senior cavalry regiments in the British Army. It recruits mainly in Yorkshire and Northern Ireland, and its Battle Honours emblazoned on its Standards embody the history of the British Army over 300 years.

Grand Lodge of Ireland is the governing Constitution of Irish Freemasons, with its headquarters in Molesworth Street, Dublin.

Lodge Ireland 2000 is the official Internet lodge formed under the Grand Lodge of Ireland in the millennium year 2000.

Lodge Glittering Star No322 Irish Constitution our Sister Lodge

St Patrick's Lodge No 5742 EC is a lodge in the English Constitution originally formed in 1938 by expatriate Irish brethren working in the Guinness factory at Park Royal, London. It is the driving force behind a scheme to link to the Internet all the lodges in the world named St Patrick.

Sir George Clark Memorial Masonic Lodge No.669 We extend a warm welcome to visitors to Lodge 669 in Belfast, Northern Ireland

The Grand Lodge of British Freemasons in Germany is a group of British expatriate German Freemasons, who have been given a dispensation to use English ritual.

The Francis Crossle Masonic Lodge 83 Newry, Co.Down Our regular meetings will be on the 3rd Thursday every month, except June, July, August, and our usual starting time is 8pm

Lodge Barns o' Clyde 1018 SC St Patricks has a special relationship with this Lodge of the Scottish Constitution. Two of our honorary members PM Jim Gardiner and PM Freddie McKelvie are amongst its ranks. Their meetings are held at the masonic hall 112 Second Ave, Clydebank G81 3AZ.To read more on their history please click on the link above.

  Union Masonic Lodge 23, Newry was founded in 1809 and operates under a Warrant issued by Grand Lodge in the Province of Down.

The Lodge meets in Newry Masonic Hall on the third Monday in each month excluding June, July and August.




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